Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, my Sammy is feeling better (thanks for the well-wishes :D ) .

Saturday, Jacob invited a friend over and he was here all day. This is big for Jacob, because there are no boys living around here so a lot of days, my very social boy has no one to play with :( . So yesterday was a fantastic day for him...R also came swimming with us, and swam laps with a PDF on so that he could go in the deep end. At first, Jake felt a little let down because he was left with me and Sammy in the shallow end. But then Scott talked him into putting on a PDF and trying to swim laps as he did! I was so proud, I could have exploded right there in the pool. He swam his laps and got to go in the deep end where all the fun was. He had so much fun doing cannon balls and going down the big slide! I was very proud and still am :D :D :D !!! Sammy and I were left in the shallow end all by ourselves, which was just fine...I stuck her in a little inflatable baby boat, and pushed her in front of me as I swam laps myself :D . My gosh, my legs were so sore when we got home...that's the thing about swimming, you don't feel like you're getting a workout until later on that night.

After swimming, we came home and made pizza for supper. Holy cow, nothing beats homemade pizza...we had everything we could pack on it: onions, peppers, olives, shrimp and ham. It was gone in no time.

Today is Sunday, and it's been raining for a good part of the day. We went to Canadian Tire to return a memory card that I bought (I hate that store...I don't know why I bought the stupid card there in the first place) and then we went off to WalMart to pick up another card. I met a mom from Linking Parents there...I actually recognized a dress that one of her little girls was wearing, she had posted a picture of it online. It was so and white with little cupcakes on it. We talked for a few minutes about sewing, she was really really nice. Now if I could just remember her user name!!

I'll be off to work this afternoon while Scott visits his parents with the kids. I hope to squeeze in a workout before bed...I don't like to exercise in the evening, I just don't apply myself like I do during the day. That's 'cause I'm lazy :d .

Later, dudes.


Tracey said...

Yes, Canadian tire is the devil!

Hope Sammy is all better soon! :)

Jennifer said...

Would it be allibrockli? I recall here creations on LP...Sounds like fun times! :)

Kylie's Mom said...

Yes, Jennifer, it was allibrockli!!! I just looked up some of her old posts...that cupcake dress is so cute. Actually all of her dresses are cute. She's really talented.

Nico said...

I hope that Sammy is feeling much better! It sounds like a fun weekend, and the homemade pizza sounds so delicious :)