Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, it's the end for poor KiLaLa. His final resting place will be under the cherry tree in the back when beautiful blossoms come out in the spring, we will remember what a great friend he was. Kylie is very sad but ok with it...poor kiddo :( .

Last night, Scott took the kids to Capital Ex (a summer festival in used to be called Klondike Days and would entail strongman competitions, log cutting competitions, everyone dressed up in costume...but someone figured it was time to update it). They went on a bunch of rides, played a bunch of games...went to the butterfly exhibit...and saw Canadian rock band Hedley, which turned out to be a great show apparently. It was both kids' first concert and they loved it! Although, Scott had Jacob on his shoulders constantly, so he wasn't able to get any pics. I stayed home with Sammy...I just knew if I was there, Jacob would make any excuse to stay with me instead of having fun on the rides. He's sort of a chicken that way.

While the family was gone, Sammy and I went to Wal Mart. For some reason, Sammy has about a dozen pairs of hand-me-down pants and no t-shirts. What on earth did I do with them all??? So I bought two white, one pink and one blue t-shirt for $3 each. That's cheaper than Goodwill prices lately, which is sorta sad. But now she has tons of outfits to wear. Yay.

Today is swimming again, then we are off to Gramma's to make homemade pizza for supper.

Later, dudes.


Nico said...

I'm so sorry about KiLaLa, give Kylie extra big hugs from all of us.

The festival sounds like a lot of fun, and I bet the kids had a blast too.

Tracey said...

If you're going to be near south ed common anytime soon there is a CRAZY sale at the children's place outlet store.. lots of cute t-shirts for 2-4$!!!

Me and my credit card had a jolly good time there stocking up for the next few sizes!!!

Kylie's Mom said...

Tracey, I love TCP...I'm about as far away as you can get from SEC though LOL. Why are all the good stores in the south???

Thanks for your condolences, Nico...I'll give Kylie your cyberhugs :D .

Jane said...

Oh I'm so sorry Kylie! Thats so sad :( Poor KiLaLa.