Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It has been a crappy 2 days. Jake cried inconsolably last night because the little girls across the alley are mean, and Scott told Jacob that he doesn't want those girls in our yard or in our house *ever again*. My poor Jacob...he's already learning that Kylie gets invited more places than he does and gets to do more fun things with the people that he wants to do fun things with too :( . So today, Kylie got asked to go somewhere without him (again) and he's stuck at home playing video games by himself. I try my absolute hardest to play with him, but honestly video games don't make any sense to me and I just end up holding his character back. Poor guy. I had a horrible sleep last night, couldn't get to sleep and then when I finally did I dreamed of him :( . I think Scott has talked Jacob into going with him and Kylie to a family reunion this weekend in Saskatchewan. I honestly don't know what I'll do with him for 3 days if he stays home with me...he just wants a friend to play with (or Kylie)...he doesn't want me. God, why does being a mom have to be so hard sometimes???

My in-laws are coming tonight for cake with Kylie (tomorrow's her birthday). So today I will clean and bake, and try to occupy Jake at the same time. It's raining, so no playground today. Tomorrow is Kylie's birthday, and we are having cake at my mom's for the other side of the family (two big families with lots of kids on one room for everyone at once, so that's why we split it up). It sucks to have a summer time birthday: a lot of friends and family are on vacation and just can't make it. Some live nearby and just can't be bothered to come...not even for one stupid hour. We've had family birthdays where 2 people was too hot (we have air conditioning), someone was too tired (you couldn't tough it out for one stinkin' hour?)...etc.

Makes you want to forget that everyone else exists and *never again* do something nice for someone else, because sometimes that's just what human beings do.

I'm having an angry, bitter day. Can you tell???


Jennifer said...

Big Hugs to you my friend....((((hug))))

Tracey said...

Bwah, that sucks. I had my baby in December and every week or so would lament that I had cursed her to a lousy birthday... thinking Summer was so much more superior for fun outdoor activities!


I bet Kylie doesn't care nearly as much as you do about the people that 'couldn't be bothered'. The ones who really matter were there!!!