Sunday, July 20, 2008


I got my serger back! And it's so pretty, all polished up and finally working properly!!! Yay!!! Now I have no excuse as not to sew...ok, I don't really feel like it lately but I'm going to do it anyway.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the park with my brother and his 3 kids. My kids were so dirty and muddy by the time we got home LOL...but they had so much fun. Then we went to the pool and had a great time swimming. It's sort of lonely in the shallow end, just me and Sammy, now that Jacob is swimming laps so that he can go into the deep end with Scott and Kylie, but that's ok. I just stick Sammy in the inflatable baby boat and push her in front of me while I swim laps, too.

After swimming, we went to Gramma's for leftover pizza and then I went for a nice long walk. It was beautiful weather, 24C and sunny skies :D .

Today, we're going to try and go for a ride on the Edmonton Queen, a long overdue Mother's Day gift for my mom, and then I'll head off to work this evening. I hope the weather holds out.

I have so many pictures on the camera that I need to upload, but I just can't seem to remember to bring in the camera from the van LOL. Bad Kylies Mom, Bad :D .


Neonjake said...

Guess what? I figured out how to get connected, I was entering the wrong email address, Dumb and Dumber.
I took my sewing machine in to Central and hope to have it back this week. Have you been the Capital EX yet, I might go this week in the evening with my friend Linda she live right across the street from Borden park so we can walk over, want to check out the agricom as I am not keen on the noise and crowd of the midway.

Kylie's Mom said...

Oh good, I'm glad you figured it out! I keep going back there to see if anything's new, but you haven't posted in quite some time.

Nah, no Capital Ex for me...Scott took the kids on Friday night and they had a great time, but I couldn't see pushing a stroller through the horrible crowds and trying to find a quiet place to nurse Sammy...maybe we'll try next year. I love looking at all the things in the Agricom, too.