Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm melting...

Yuk, I hate hot!!! I love summer, but I hate the heat. The kids are even saying that it's too hot for the spray park LOL...honestly, I much prefer -32C to the +32 that it is going to be today.

So, what have we been doing? Hmm...

Friday night the big kids went to Auntie Sheri's so we took advantage of that opportunity to take Sammy to Gramma's while we went out on a date. We went to the Outback for supper, which was just ok, and then went for a walk around Beaumaris Lake. I love that lake, I wish we lived closer so I could walk there more often. There were so many families there, feeding the geese and riding their bikes, etc. It was a beautiful night. I commented that we have to bring the kids back to feed the geese, and how Kylie would love the goslings...Scott said, "If there are 8 goslings in a family are they called Gosselens???" Hardy, har har. I wonder if Jon and Kate have heard that before LOL...

After we picked up Sammy and put her to bed, Scott and I watched Scarface...I haven't seen it before so I requested it from the library. I'm not a movie buff...I can think of a hundred other things I would like to do besides sitting through an entire movie, but Scott likes them so I figured if it was boring I could at least do some hand sewing on my felt food creations or mend socks or something. The movie was tolerable...not as fantastic as others have made it out to be. We actually have yet to see the last half hour or so, because I was too tired to stay up. We'll try to watch it tonight when the kids are in bed.

Saturday, we picked up the big kids from Auntie's and then we headed to JA Fife (I think it's called???) spray park. The big kids think they are too cool for spray parks now...which sort of bums me out. I love spray parks. I guess I will have to wait for Sammy to get a bit bigger and then she can keep me company there LOL. We spread out a blanket in the shade and had snacks while Sammy played, and the big kids hit the playground. Great day.

Sunday...Scott is golfing with his dad today, part of his Father's Day gift from me and the kids. So I took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast, then we washed the van and headed to Sobey's for a few groceries, just because it was right there. My gosh...that place is expensive. But at least they willingly bag your groceries and offer to take it to your car for you...not too many places do that anymore.

I think this afternoon we will sit inside by the portable air conditioner and work on some crafts. We have some plastic stained glass projects we are working on, as well as Perler bead projects. I love Perler beads...they're so much fun. Oh, and of course, the felt food. On Friday, I bought 30 sheets of felt at Michael's LOL...and then they handed me a coupon for 20% off an entire purchase for Saturday...figures.

All I've got done so far in my felt collection is 2 cupcakes, because I had to tweak the pattern that I made:



Cfmommy said...

Holy-her eyes are so awesome!!!!

What a pretty girl!

I know its about your cupcakes, which look great too!

But her eyes are truely amazing!

Kylie's Mom said...

Oh, took her a while to grow into those eyes, that's for sure LOL. When she was little, she sort of looked like Tweety Bird LOL.

She has the same eyes as her Aunt Sheri, when we are all out together people think Sheri is the mom. My other 2 kids have regular old brown eyes like me :D .