Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some pics.

I was making supper, and Sammy didn't want to sit on the kitchen floor and play, so Kylie took her in the living room to read with her.

Scott had to leave very early one day for work, so he left us a note. I just love the notes he leaves...what a great guy.

Playing Wii with Daddy.

My cheeky monkey eating Cheerios. She has recently just learned that it is fun to wing Cheerios off the tray while Mommy picks them all up LOL.


Danica said...

Scott looks as though he has lost weight (based on photo observations). Are you working him to the bone ;-)

Kylie's Mom said...

Oh my god, he looks gaunt in that picture doesn't he??? LOL...

No, he's actually one of those guys who weighs himself every couple of weeks just to make sure he's still in the right range...knows his BMI and everything LOL.

Tracey said...

You have such a gorgeous family! That little Sammy could certainly sell whatever product you put on her!

Your DH is a sweetheart.. that note was awesome!

Jane said...

I swear Samantha and Jake are twins just born a few years apart...they are so alike :) Samantha is so gorgeous she's so smiley :)

I think Scott looks like Kevin Spacey!!!