Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm not very good at updating regularly...and it will get worse when the kids are off school for the summer. Just thought I would warn you now :D .

Yesterday was a Subway lunch at school. One of the moms thought it would be fun to do something for the kids, so we had all the kids fill out order forms and then PAC paid for it. How much you ask? Oh...only $1200 . For freakin' sandwiches. I hope they were darn good, because that is just not going to happen again. Yes, I'm still bitter. LOL.

I went through all of Sammy's baby clothes yesterday and filled two large black garbage bags for a teacher's aide at Kylie's school who is expecting a baby girl. I have no idea who else to give them to, and she is more than happy to take them off my hands. It is sort of sad, though, giving that up...but I just don't think I can physically handle another pregnancy. If I was 5 years younger, maybe. Oh well.

Sammy isn't feeling well today, her nose is constantly running and she's very sad :( . I put her down for her morning nap a bit early. We have some running around to do today: WalMart to pick up some pictures and Safeway for some fruit and milk. The van really needs a wash, too. Tonight, Scott will mow the lawn while I weedeat, that is, if Sammy lets me put her down for two seconds.

Later, taters.

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Nico said...

Wow $1200 for lunch, they had better be tasty! Poor Sammy, I hope that she is feeling better soon.