Monday, June 16, 2008

Our weekend!

We had a great weekend. Saturday was Kylie's 10th birthday party for her friends (her birthday's actually in July, but we have her party in June). It was by far the best ever and the easiest to prepare for and clean up afterwards. Our family and 6 of her friends went swimming at the ACT pool, and then had cupcakes, chips and pop at a picnic table in the park afterwards. It was so much fun...I'm loving that, as she gets older, the kids can just run around outside and play and I don't have to find activities and games to occupy them. And they pick up their own garbage LOL. But alas...we forgot the camera at home. Scott took a few pics with his phone and I'll post them when he remembers to upload them to the computer.

Sunday was Father's Day, and Scott got to sleep in. Around 9am, I went in and asked if he was ready for the kids so he pretended to sleep so that they could wake him up LOL. Then the kids piled into bed with him to give their gifts. Jacob made him a plasticine scene on a plate (like my Mother's Day plate), Kylie gave him a gift certificate for some motorcycle parts that he needs, and I gave him a gift certificate for golf. Sammy gave him a Wii game: Lego Indiana Jones and then she chewed on all the cards. Then we all headed to Timmy's for breakfast. Oh gawd, the 12 grain bagel with light strawberry cream cheese friggin' rules LOL!!! I love that thing. Never mind that it has a ridiculous amount of calories in it. I don't care LOL. Actually, I ask them to only put half of the portion of cream cheese on it. good.

The rest of the day was spent visiting with Scott's family, visiting the park and me going to work. After the kids went to bed, Scott played his video game all by himself...just the way he likes it sometimes. I worked on the yearbook, which is just about done. Just need a couple of more pictures.

Well, that's all. Today is Costco day, and I should probably do some laundry. Later!

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Nico said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Happy Father's Day to Scott,and Happy Early Birthday to Kylie too!