Thursday, June 12, 2008


What a loooonnnggg day. I am pooped.

A brief synopsis of the day:
  1. Walked the kids to school, then walked Sammy to my mom's.
  2. Walked back to the school to take pictures of kids that were somehow absent on school picture day, therefore they will have no picture in the yearbook. I photographed something like 35 kids today! One kid could somehow gauge whenever the shutter would snap, and change his cute smiling face into one of unimaginable terror. This happened 6 times in a row. So he gets a terrible, snarly faced picture in the yearbook instead of a cute smiley face. But he was very happy about that, so...LOL...
  3. Meet with Jake's speech therapist, who gives me a buttload of homework for him to do over the summer. And I mean gosh, I'm not sure the poor kid will see the light of day until September.
  4. My mom met me at the school with Sammy, who decides she wants to nurse *right then and there*. So I find a nice cozy corner and have a seat while Gramma runs off to read French to the grade 4 class. Then Sammy and I are off to meet Scott for lunch.
  5. Have the most delicious, delectable 12 grain bagel with light strawberry cream cheese at Tim Horton's. *Drool*...oh my gosh, I haven't had one of those in was so darn good.
  6. Go to the mall to find Sammy some shoes and also some treat bags for Kylie's birthday party this weekend. Got shoes on sale at Zeller's for $5 (yay) and found said treatbags. Finally get on my way home again.
  7. Walk to the school to meet Kylie, and we walk to the library. Jake has his after-school group on Thursdays. The library is 1.3km from our home and is quite the walk; we do it most Thursdays now that it is nice out. I am sore though, let me tell you. But it's fun to just walk with Kylie and talk about her day.
  8. Walk back to the school to pick up Jake from his group, run home and make supper. Spend the evening putting together treat bags, washing dishes, washing babies and working on the yearbook. Yell at the freakin' neighbour kid for constantly throwing herself against the trampoline enclosure...after she has been told numerous times to quit doing it already. Argh...
  9. Stress over the fact that only 3 out of 8 kids invited to Kylie's party have RSVP'd when the invites specifically said to call by Wednesday night. Oh my gosh, how hard can it be to pick up a phone??? Kylie has asked them at school and all but 1 says they are coming, but really. Wouldn't it be a good idea to at least talk on the phone with the host of the party to ensure that I'm not a raving lunatic? My gosh, parents are so trusting nowadays. I'm sure that all the parents will drop off the kids at the door to the pool and then drive off in a cloud of dust, not even sticking their heads in the door to make sure that their kids are in the care of a responsible adult.
  10. Watch 5 minutes of 'Fear Itself' on TV. It is a horror series made in Edmonton, and tonight was the season premiere (I thought it was an ABC show, but it aired on E!). It sucked...well, what we saw of it anyway. It had Eric Roberts playing the obligatory bad-guy cop. All I could think was, 'oh, what cafe are they sitting at?' and 'those effects look really crappy' LOL. And that's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
  11. Oh, and Scott's car broke down today so that means he will take my van to work tomorrow as he has some appointments :( . I had no plans but I hate being without a vehicle...I feel so isolated without it. I know, that's dumb. It's not like I live in the middle of nowhere LOL.

Later tater!

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