Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lookit my foot.


This is a picture of my big foot beside Scott's head as he slept peacefully with Jacob on the sofa. I'm not sure that if he was awake, that he would like my big dirty foot right beside his head at the end of a long day LOL.

Kylie, Auntie Sheri and I all went for pedi's today. Honestly, it's not my thing to do girlie crap, but I do like pretty toes in the summer :) . I chose a coral colour and Kylie got a glossy ruby red. Sheri got a sort of coppery-red color. Then we had ice cream at Marble Slab and went home.

Sammy was so miserable when I got home...although she did smile at my boobs LOL. But after nursing, she just cried and cried! I checked her diaper and realized that she had a rash all over her trunk. She had been at Gramma's for a little bit in the afternoon, but Gramma didn't feed her anything weird. All Gramma did that was different was change Sammy's shirt, so maybe Sammy's skin didn't agree with whatever laundry soap that Gramma used. After a shot of Benadryl and a bath, she seemed ok.

In the evening, we watched Austin Powers and everyone but me fell asleep in the living room. Then I put my foot by Scott's head and took a picture :D .


Jane said...

And this is why I love your blog :) Because I never know what I will find next.....and you entertain me in between visit to the darkest depths of my basement to go through all the crap there which we have to clear out ready for them the builder to arrive this week....and I would much rather read your blog than do that! :)

I am so happy to be able to post on your blog :)

Kylie's Mom said...

And I'm happy to entertain you, Jane LOL. My gosh, renovating sounds like such a huge job...some day I'll get my kitchen done, but we've decided to put it off until we can pay cash for it. That's going to be a while.

Jennifer said...

I think that this is the only view of you I have....I will treasure this pic of your foot! Nice foot! LOL!

Have a great day!

Sharon said...

Jazzy toes! I love going for pedis!

Nico said...

Great pic, and it sounds like you had a super fun girl's day!